Fecha de Publicación: 19 Mar 2015
Cita: Zarza H, Arias-Alzate A, González-Maya JF, Cháves C, Ceballos G. 2015. First record of Leishmaniasis in wild Jaguars (Panthera onca) from Mexico. Mammalogy Notes 2(1): 11-12

First record of Leishmaniasis in wild Jaguars ( Panthera onca ) from Mexico

Leishmaniasis is a vector-borne disease and parasitic zoonosis that occurs worldwide. It is caused by parasitic kinetoplastids of the Leishmania genus transmitted by arthropod vectors (i.e. sandflies such as Lutzomyia spp.) and presents a great diversity of clinical profiles, depending on the affected areas

ISSN 2382-3704

This study was made in order to understand the incidence and prevalence of Leishmania spp. in wild felids and other carnivoran species and its implications in the peridomestic and domestic cycles and its interaction with natural ecosystems

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