About Us


Our work team is characterized for its high academic formation and its interdisciplinary work capacity, always looking like ultimate an improvement of the communities’ life quality and the conservation of our biodiversity.



Our mission is to promote, to incentive and to develop the investigation of biological resources and the social and cultural development within a sustainability framework, designing conservation plans of species, ecosystems and holistic cultural resources’ through an interdisciplinary focus which is looking for the human welfare and the biodiversity conservation.


Develop the conservation of ecosystems, the flora species and the tropical fauna species in an integral way until become it in a reliable information source which allows us to realize the planning of the natural resources and the cultural wealth, promoting the sustainably socioeconomic development, evaluating its threatens and providing sustainably solutions. 


ProCAT Colombia and The Sierra to Sea Institute focus its projects in critic zones not only for its biologic importance but also for its cultural importance, choosing our work sites based in the necessities of the priority conservation zones which are highly threatens but at the same time those still have attributes that need help and protection. Until the date, our work has had focused primarily in Colombia and Costa Rica, but we take a part in projects in different American regions. (Mexico, USA, Chile)



José F. González Maya, Ph.D.


Diego A. Zárrate-Charry, BSc, Ph.D (e)

Consejo científico

Mauricio González, B.Sc.

Director administrativo

Jan Schipper, Ph.D.

Investigador Senior

Equipo de investigadores

Diego A. Gómez-Hoyos, M.Sc.

Coordinador de investigación

Costa Rica

Catalina Moreno-D., B.Sc.

Coordinadora Administrativa /Investigador

Ginna Gómez-Junco, M.Sc.


Equipo de Investigadores asociados

Leonardo Lemus Mejía


I. Mauricio Vela-Vargas, M.Sc., Ph.D. (e)

Investigador Asociado

J. Sebastián Jiménez-Alvarado, B.Sc.

Investigador Asociado

Angela P. Hurtado-Moreno, B.Sc., M.Sc. (e)

Investigador Asociado

Armando H. Escobedo-Galván, Ph.D

Investigador Asociado

Beth Polidoro

Consejo científico

Michael Mikelberg

Consejo científico

Fernando Castañeda

Consejo científico

Fidela Charry

Consejo científico

David Zárrate Charry

Consejo científico

Sherry Luger

Consejo científico

Sergio Balaguera R.

Consejo científico