Fecha de Publicación: 4 Jul 2016
Cita: González-Maya JF., Gomez-Hoyos DA, Gomez-Junco G, Shipper J & Zarrate-Charry DA. 2016. Connecting felid populations betwen La Amistad and Osa priority conservation areas in Costa Rica. Wild Felid Monitor 9(2):21

Connecting felid populations between La Amistad and Osa priority conservation areas in Costa Rica

In terms of threats, we have identified numerous anthropogenic activities affecting permanence and permeability of the corridors. We identified and assessed the local hu-man livelihoods in the corridor, al-lowing us to determine the levels of Human Wellbeing Satisfaction (HWS) as well as their relationship (i.e., impact and return) on potential wildlife connectivity.

Using different modeling approaches to connectivity in the area (graph theory, circuit-scape), we have identified the best potential connectivity routes for wild felids. This corridor design includes not only the least-cost paths in the area but accounts for home-range, mobility, and resistance of the matrix for each species. The final design incorporates and identifies the areas most suitable for mobility of the three species. We are in the field stage, assessing permeability and connectivity of the corridor using a robust occupancy-modeling approach (i.e., 100 camera-trap stations along the corridor). Our previous surveys identified limitations to permeability for numerous prey species in the area (i.e., Dasyprocta punctata, Pecari tajacu and Dasypus novemcinctus), which are mostly affected by variables such as presence of agricultural/pasture lands and isolation and size of forest patches.

In terms of threats, we have identified numerous anthropogenic activities affecting permanence and permeability of the corridors. We identified and assessed the local human livelihoods in the corridor, allowing us to determine the levels of Human Wellbeing Satisfaction (HWS) as well as their relationship (i.e., impact and return) on potential wildlife connectivity.

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