White-Lipped peccary

Fecha de Publicación: 19 Feb 2017
Cita: Reyna-Hurtado, R., Radachowsky, J., Mcloughlin, L., Thornton, D., Moreira-Ramírez, J.F., García-Anleu, R., Ponce-Santizo, G., McNab, R., Diaz-Santos, F., Elvir, F., Portillo-Reyes, H.O., Moreno, R., Meyer, N., Artavia, A., Amit, R., Hofman, M.P.G., Harmsen, B.J., Castañeda, F., Sanchez-Pinzon, K., Hernández-Perez, E., Martinez, W., Mérida, M., Solis, N., Ramos, V.H., Juárez, D., Tot, C., López, E., Leonardo, R., Machuca, O., Calderón, P., Estrada, C., Morales, J., Guerrero, S., Morazan, F., Carrillo, E., Cruz, J.C., Montalvo, V., GonzálezMaya, J.F., Gómez, D., Jiménez, J.J., Arroyo, S., Thomson, I., Polisar, J., 2017. White-lipped Peccary in Mesoamerica: Status, Threats and Conservation Actions. Suiform Soundings 15, 31-35.

White-lipped Peccary in Mesoamerica: Status, Threats and Conservation Actions

A recent report on the status and conservation actions fo the White-lipped Peccary in Mesoamerica.

Suiform Soundings: newsletter of the IUCN/SSC Specialist Groups for Wild Pigs (WPSG), Peccaries (PSG), and Hippos (HSG)

In Mesoamerica white-lipped peccaries range has been reduced from 87% of its historical distribution to a few populations that may be stable, whilst the remaining 70% are decreasing. Therefore, we consider that the IUCN Red List status of the species as a whole (Vulnerable, Keuroghlian et al. 2013) does not accurately represent the situation of the Mesoamerican populations. We recommend that the status of whitelipped peccaries be raised to Endangered in the Mesoamerican region (from Mexico to Panama) given its likely status as the rarest and most jeopardized large terrestrial mammal in the region.


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